Weekly kickoff video messaging to
lead, inform, & inspire

Bring your organization together, wherever they are

Now more than ever, employees yearn for leadership and direction. Save yourself from composing time-consuming emails and give your organization a shared view of progress and purpose with Cyrano’s weekly kickoff video messages. Whether you are preparing your organization, giving important updates, or commending employees, Cyrano is there to help you take your place upfront, delivering critical information with the clarity of video. Cyrano makes it easy to record and deliver high-quality video messages to your employees securely through email, SMS, Slack or through our app from any device from anywhere.

Time-Efficient Workflow

Unlike drafting time-consuming emails, Cyrano automates scheduled recording tasks with key talking points so you can quickly address your organization with what to say and when to say it.

Improved Communications

Instead of rumors around the water cooler, Cyrano helps you lead, inform, and inspire with the clarity of video messaging delivered securely via email, SMS, Slack, or through the Cyrano App and Platform.


Cyrano eliminates the traditional costs of production tasks and storage with an all-in-one platform for creating, storing, editing, distributing, and analyzing video at a fraction of the cost.

Recording options to lead, inform, & inspire

HD Capture

HD Capture allows you to get in front of your organization by quickly recording your weekly kick-off video and sharing it all in beautiful 4K quality. Prepare your staff, give updates, and commend your top performers in a timely manner.

HD Capture + Pro Editing

Turn your weekly, quarterly, or annual video updates into pro edits with the help of our production team. Our editors will trim your footage, clean up your audio, and edit the whole thing together with some motion graphics.


Camera shy? No worries. Cyrano’s Chrome plugin supports screen sharing, so you don’t have to be on camera to get in front of your organization. Our plugin lets you present slides, share documents, explore websites, or anything else you can fit on your screen.

Screenshare + HD Capture

Bring a personal touch to your presentations by recording your screen and yourself at the same time. Toggle between documents, slides, website, your camera, and anything else you want to share.

What our customers are saying

“In less than ten minutes I can connect with a thousand people, and I send a message to one person. That’s a very powerful platform.”

Dave SchreinerPresident / CEO at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital

"We have a heavy remote workforce and had the challenge of trying to build a relationship and trust, and Cyrano is a great way to do just that. We are in a heavily regulated industry and Cyrano makes everything encrypted and auditable so you're not worried about your sensitive content leaking out into the public domain."

Bill HayesCEO at Top of Mind

"We'll be able to communicate better with our staff and our teams, boosting engagement. It's not that emails are boring, but videos are so much more fun!"

Jenn GibsonDir. of Marketing & Business Dev. at Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

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