Bring the clarity of video to slack, automatically

Cyrano’s Slack Integration makes it easier than ever to enhance conversations with the power of video.

Automation is the key to this powerful integration. Once a video is published, it is automatically distributed to a teams’ Slack channel, providing instant access to the new video. Users can share with as many Slack channels as needed, providing unlimited video conversations and presentations.

Bring Clarity, Store More & Pay Less.

Even the shortest videos can take up a large amount of storage. And over time, that becomes a very pricey issue. This integration eliminates that potential problem. Cyrano offers unlimited storage, and in the process, saves an organization up to 50-percent of the cost. This allows organizations to extend their free trial or continue to use the “standard” version of Slack, while enjoying one of the greatest benefits offered with the “Plus” version.

Slack Integration Features

Automated Sharing

Once a video is published it is automatically sent to any Slack channel, notifying every team member the video is ready to be viewed.

Easy Installation

All it takes is a few clicks of the button to have access to the integration. Once installed, users can customize to fit their organization’s needs.

Unlimited Storage

While Slack charges for different tiers of storage, Cyrano does not. This allows an organization to store and distribute all videos from the same location, saving both time and money.

Unlimited Channels

Have a video that needs to be sent out to multiple viewers, in multiple channels? No problem. The Slack Integration allows users to send a video to as many channels as needed!

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