The most robust video capture platform

Cyrano enables organizations to create videos using the most robust video capture capabilities on the market. Whether on the go or on the computer, Cyrano provides more options to record, edit, and share professional-looking and sounding videos with ease across all devices to connect and captivate users.


Video to better connect the workplace

Lead your team with a more personal connection, present your ideas with better clarity, and optimize all your workplace communication with Cyrano. Designate who receives each message with department or group based channels to ensure your messages are going to the right audience.

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Video to better engage customers

Engage, support and truly connect with your customers using personalized video messages. Record and share tutorial videos and product releases, while also maintaining a personal customer relationship.

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Video to better convert leads

Reach out, follow up, and grab your prospects attention with personalized video messages. Cyrano helps you build trust, convert leads, and win deals by establishing relationships. Cyrano streamlines the production process so you can record and send hundreds of personalized yet scalable videos in one sitting.

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Video to better gain brand exposure

Increase exposure and grow your business with Cyrano videos. Cyrano streamlines the production process allows customize and scale your videos to better target specifics audiences. Store and stream unlimited HD video and embed them on websites or send them in email marketing campaigns to bring awareness and exposure to your organization.

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Breakthrough to Your Audience

Everything you need to engage with video


Get the most out of Zoom with an integration that turns recorded meetings into searchable video libraries.

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Explore the Chrome Extension that provides the flexibility to grow comfortable on camera, while eliminating the hassles of live video.

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Cyrano’s Pop-Up Studio Kit makes it easy to record professional-looking video in minutes.

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Creative Services help craft your branded assets for video presentations.

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Connecting the workplace, inside and out

Security & Compliance

We built Cyrano with SOX & HIPAA in mind. Everything is audited & encrypted from source to destination. With Cyrano’s role-based approval and audit workflow, you can check and edit your videos before they are sent out. Cyrano can even retroactively pull down and edit your videos after they are sent and automatically update across every platform and device.

Analytics & Engagement

Cyrano’s analytics measures beyond view count—It tracks the entire engagement journey with your content. Our comprehensive data shows, email statuses, open rates, unique views, click-through rates, engagement percentage and much more.

Storage Solutions

Unlimited storage is the key feature that separates Cyrano from other video competitors. Providing a space to establish video libraries, Cyrano allows users to archive and store every recording, no matter the size.

Automated Sharing

Publish recordings automatically to email, SMS or any Slack channel. Cyrano offers multiple production displays and layouts to help differentiate between s company’s training videos, marketing videos and more. Media can be viewed across all formats: web, iOS and Android.