Clips to Record

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This article explains the features and navigation of Clips to Record on Cyrano’s Iphone/Android App. (for more details on how to create and send Clips to Record, go to the web and desktop 


What are Clips to Record?

Clips to record are semi-completed programs, simply lacking video content (for more information on programs, see Your Programs). A co-worker has the ability to create all aspects of a program complete with a thumbnail, script, subject, recipients, intro clips, and outro clips and then send that to another co-worker. The latter co-worker then only needs to record a clip of themselves. A Clip to Record is not able to be created and sent to a co-worker for completion using the the Cyrano app; this task can only be accomplished using the Cyrano website. For more information on how to create Clips to Record on the web, click here. A user can receive Clips to Record on the Cyrano app for easy completion and publishing.  


Navigate your Clips to Record

Open the Cyrano App> tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen> tap the Clips to Record tab in the navigation menu> here you will find a list of your clips to record. 

  • Each Clip to Record will be visibly distinguishable within the list by the image on the left side of the field which will display the selected thumbnail for that clip to record, the notication name, the date that clip is to be recorded by, and the name of the person who created the Clip to Record (even overdue clips are still able to be recorded and published)
  • Tap anywhere on the field to begin recording
  • The recording screen will feature the video message’s subject line, the channels or external emails that the video will be published to (for more information on channels, see Discover Channels), and the written script for that video
  • Once you are finished recording, you can re-record by tapping “Cancel” in the top left of the screen or publish the program by tapping “Save” in the top right of the screen
  • Once complete, the screen will automatically be redirected to the recording screen for the next Clip to Record. To exit this screen, tap the in the top left corner of the screen