Intros & Outros

This article explains the purpose and usage for the items found under Intros & Outros on the Cyrano website.


What are Intros & Outros?

Intros and Outros are short video clips that you can attach to the beginning and/or end of a program. They can be used to help set programs on different channels apart or signal what type of program it is.

Accessing and managing Intros & Outros

On Cyrano’s webpage, access your scripts  by navigating to the Create tab on the left side of your screen. Under the Assets section, there will be  Intros & Outros. Click on this to access and navigate through your intros & outros or create new ones.

  • This page operates in a very similar manner to the Media page. Intros & Outros are just clips that are placed at the beginning and end of programs, so they are managed and created just like all other clips.  (for information on clips, see Media)
  • Below the space provided for the clips description, you will see the options to make this a header or a footer. To unselect one, simply click on the check mark