This article helps explain the different roles a user can have in the Cyrano system.


Where can I see what Role a user has?  

In order to access your organization’s user’s roles, navigate to the Organization tab on the left side of the webpage and click on Roles . This will bring you to the roles grid.



What are the different types of Roles?

There are up to 4 different roles a user can have.

  • Content Creator – Content Creators have the ability to record content and send that content throughout their organization. These people are responsible for creating the video messages that will be sent to all your users.
  • Content Manager – Content Managers have the ability to view all the content created by their organizations Content Creators. They help curate content and can send Content Creators various recording tasks (for more information on recording tasks, see our article on Recording Tasks).
  • Viewer – Viewers make up the bulk of any organization and are users who only have the ability to view content sent to them by Content Creators.
  • Administrator – Administrators have the ability to add users, changes user roles and change the organizations settings.