Clips to Record

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This article explains the features and navigation of Clips to Record on Cyrano’s website


What are Clips to Record?

Clips to record are semi-completed programs, simply lacking video content. A co-worker has the ability to create all aspects of a program complete with a thumbnail, script, subject, recipients, intro clips, and outro clips and then send that to another co-worker. The latter co-worker then only needs to record a clip of themselves 


Navigate your Clips to Record

On the home page of Cyrano’s website, the clips to record tab will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on the tab and you will be able to see all of the clips to be recorded by you. However, using the Cyrano website is not the recommended method of recording video content. Using the web will infringe on your ability to preview a clip before it is sent due to the fact that local files can not be stored on websites. To maximize quality and make full use of all Cyrano features, use the Clips to Record tool on the Cyrano mobile app or use your computer with the Cyrano Chrome Plugin. For more information see Mobile App Clips to Record or Chrome Plugin information.

If you wish to continue with Clips to Record on the Cyrano website, the steps to record a clip are as follows:

  1. Once in the Clips to Record section, find the row in the list with a clip you would like to record.
  2. Click the red recording button on the far left of the row.
  3. You will be brought to a page with information on the clip. You may edit the clip name at the top, add or change the email body under description section, or edit the email subject, recipient, and script under the Script section.
  4. Under the Media section, select Record Video and then click Start Recording (for more information on the other options, see Creating Content)
  5. You will see all of the program information at the top of the screen, simply begin by clicking “start recording”
  6. Once you have finished recording, your message will be available for viewing in the Your Programs tab.