Web Inbox

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This article explains the features and navigation of the Cyrano inbox on the web.


What appears in my inbox?

The inbox will contain all videos sent out on channels you are subscribed to. (for more information on channels, see Discover Channels)


Navigate your Inbox

Once you have logged in to the Cyrano website, you will be redirected to your inbox. The inbox contains three filters for displaying video messages:

  • New- contains all messages not yet viewed by you
  • Opened- contains all messages that have previously been viewed by you
  • Library- contains all messages, new and opened

Your inbox has several features allowing you to easily distinguish video messages, as well as interact with them

  • On the left side of the screen there will be an image of the message’s thumbnail with a timestamp of the video’s duration
  • To the right of the thumbnail you will see a message’s subject in bold text with the description of the message underneath
  • The number next to the eye indicates how many total users have viewed that video. Clicking on the icon allows you to see which users have viewed the message
  • The number next to the heart indicates how many users have ‘liked’ the message
  • The number next to the comment button  indicates how many comments have been made on that video. Click the icon to see the comments or to leave your own comment
  • If the video message is shareable, then a share button will appear to the right of the comment icon which would allow you to republish that video message on any social platform of your choosing
  • Go to the right side of the screen there will be a profile tag which indicates who the publisher of that video message is along with the channel that the video was posted to and the date in time when the video was published
  • If you are looking for a particular video, use the search bar in the top right corner of the screen to search for keywords in the title or the author of the video message