Your Clips

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This article explains the purpose and usage for the items found under Your Clips for Iphone / Android. 

What are Clips?

Clips are raw recorded video messages that can become the main content of a completed program (see Your Programs for more details).


Access Your Clips

Open CyranoApp > tap the menu in the top left corner of the screen > tap  Your Clips. Here you will find a list of clips you have recorded.

  • Underneath the name of your clip there will be small text that either reads “live” (indicating the clip is currently being used in a live program) or “Available” (indicating that the clip is ready to be used in new programs)
  • Swipe left on a clip to begin the process of editing into a program (if you decide not to convert to a program after already hitting “edit,” simply tap the “save clip” icon in the top right corner of the video). 

Steps to create a new clip:

  1. Tap the  in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Record your desired content and then you will automatically be brought to the “Clip Preview” Screen. (for more information on recording videos, see Creating Content)
  3. Tap the scissors icon to edit the length of your clip, name your clip by editing the text right below the video content, and select a template to be used when the clip becomes a program.
  4. Begin creating a program from that clip instantly by tapping “publish” in the top right corner or save clip for later by tapping “save clip”