On Camera Tips and Tricks

Quick videos to make you look and sound like a pro on screen

Set the Scene: Backdrops and Scenery

This video is all about the do’s and don’ts of setting the scene for your video.

Overcoming On Camera Shyness

This tip covers a few ways to get yourself comfortable with the camera.

Get to the Point

In this video we review some best practices on how to get your point across using video.

Vision & Mission Statements

In this video, learn about how to make one clear and concise video to summarize the vision and mission of your organization.

Wrap it Up!

It’s important to close out your videos strong – watch this clip to learn more about the rule of seven and wrapping up your videos.

Hair & Makeup

This quick video covers some basic tips on hair and makeup to make sure that you are camera ready.

Using the Cyrano Backdrop

Check out this video to learn our best practices when setting up the Cyrano backdrop and studio kit.