Privacy Policy

You are required to read this privacy policy carefully before granting your acceptance.

  1. USE OF CYRANO SYSTEMS THROUGH YOUR CYRANO ACCOUNT: You will be able to use Cyrano for the following.
    1. Upload/Share/Stream videos, photos, voices (hereafter referred to as the “Media”).
    2. Submit and share the Media and your views/information about the Media.
    3. Search for various Media available.
    4. Subscribe to Media of other users.
  2. Data Retention: Including data from integration partners (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, Web-X etc).
    1. All Media created or uploaded in to Cyrano directly or downloaded from 3rd party integrations like Zoom, Teams and Web-X is retained in Cyrano by default for 120 months.
    2. Customer (by contacting Cyrano support) can customize and change this data retention policy (aka active duration)  at anytime for their entire organization.
    3. Customers can change active duration at  individual program level
    4. Customers can download individual media at anytime.
    5. Customers can delete media from Cyrano at anytime. Deleting media in Cyrano is a permanent deletes from Cyrano.
  3. INFORMATION COLLECTED FROM YOU BY CYRANO SYSTEMS: The following information will be collected from you while using Cyrano.
    1. Information like your name, email address, telephone number with your account, or photo.
    2. Log information: Search queries, IP address, crashes, date and time, acceptance to and Cyrano’s Terms and Conditions, End User License Agreement (EULA) and other policies.
    3. Local storage: Browser web storage, application data crashes.
    4. Cookies and similar technologies
  4. USE INFORMATION CYRANO COLLECT/SHARE: The information will be used for the following.
    1. Statistics regarding your account.
    2. Change of account password based on your request.
    3. Suspend/terminate account if need arises.
    4. To satisfy any legal enforceable process.
    5. For external processing.
    6. For legal reasons.
  5. INFORMATION SECURITY: We work hard to protect Cyrano Systems and our users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or destruction of information. In particular.
    1. Review information collection and storage, and physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to information.
    2. Restriction of access to personal information of account holders from Cyrano Systems employees, contractors, and agents, subject to confidentiality agreements.
  7. APPLICATION: This Privacy Policy applies to the services offered by Cyrano Systems. Cyrano’s Terms and Conditions and End User License Agreement (EULA), other policies are incorporated herein by way of reference.
  8. CHANGES IN PRIVACY POLICY: Our Privacy Policy might change from time to time, and we will provide notice of it. We will provide prominent notice if the changes might significantly affect the terms of the existing Privacy Policy.