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Stay productive & aligned without suffering from “Zoom Fatigue”

Live Zoom meetings are crucial for communicating real-time information, but live video often comes with challenges for viewers. With Cyrano’s Zoom integration, allow your team to stay productive and aligned. Automatically and securely share recordings through email, SMS, or Slack. Members who are unavailable, work in different time zones, or simply cannot attend live sessions, will all stay in the loop. Cyrano provides comprehensive real-time analytics, so it is easy to see who has tuned in and who is tuned out. Viewers also get a custom, interactive, and engaging asynchronous playback experience. Optimizing work time by providing additional features to Zoom recordings, Cyrano allows video speed, skipping to relevant parts, and returning for future reference. Allow your team to work more efficiently, with Cyrano.

While Zoom is bringing people together,
Cyrano is working behind the scenes to transform the process

Record Zoom Meeting

Recorded meetings and webinars are automatically ingested into Cyrano, transcoded for multi-device access, and encrypted for security and compliance.

Automated Transcription

Rather read than watch? Cyrano offers free transcription of any video up to 1GB. That’s about a two-hour Zoom call. This service can also pinpoint words and phrases to help improve presenter performance.

Automated Sharing

Cyrano allows you to publish Zoom recordings automatically into any Slack team or channel, helping keep your team looped in, not out. Anyone who misses the meeting or webinar will be automatically notified so they can watch the recording.

Custom Video Playback

Thanks to chaptered playback pages, content managers can provide their audience with a more interactive and engaging video experience. At the other end, the audience can better optimize their time by speeding up the video, skipping to relevant parts and returning for future reference.

Views & Analytics

Your audience receives notifications and access to recorded Zoom meetings. Cyrano provides hosts with comprehensive analytics to measure viewership and effectiveness.

Unlimited Storage

Cyrano’s Zoom integration allows you to store every recording, no matter the size, for a fraction of the cost. This enables your organization to build a video library which members can access anytime.

Advantages & Benefits to Zoom Admins

  • Curate and organize all your recordings in a single location

  • Store all your recordings in a fully secured, end-to-end encrypted, and HIPAA/SOX compliant portal

  • Centralize your recordings in a cost-effective repository with unlimited storage

  • SSO simplifies access management and reduces your support costs

  • Built-in auditing and approval processes ensure internal and regulatory compliance

  • Customize playback share pages and user interface to match your brand identity

Advantages & Benefits to Zoom Meeting Hosts

  • Organize all your recordings in a single, easy to use location

  • Automatically share your recordings with meeting participants, and selectively share with specific people and groups

  • Use video analytics to see who watched each recording

  • Securely embed your recordings in places like CMS or LMS portals

  • Seamlessly share via email, SMS, or Slack

  • Automated closed captioning for recordings (less than 1Gb)

Advantages & Benefits to Zoom Meeting Participants

  • Quickly search through all recordings

  • Watch recordings in an immersive video player up to 4k

  • Add comments & discuss relevant topics after the meeting

  • Control playback speed for a more personalized viewing experience

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