Cyrano Features & Use Cases

Watch these brief videos for an overview of some of Cyrano's core functionality and use cases.

CEO Update

Use Cyrano for CEO Updates – Every week follow our recommended structure to craft an engaging message to send to all staff.

Secured Sharing

With Cyrano’s Secured Sharing feature, you can rest assured your message will only be viewed by it’s intended audience.

Cyrano’s Teleprompter

Use Cyrano’s teleprompter to write notes, talking points, or even a full script. While recording, you can scroll the teleprompter with Cyrano’s Bluetooth remote.

Healthcare Communications

Create prompts for the CEO and leadership team to record scripted weekly or monthly video messages. Schedule to send to your entire hospital or hospital association member base from your desktop or phone.

Internal Video Updates

Use Cyrano internally for all-hands meetings, department updates, and CEO weekly videos. Instantly notify all employees of a new video update with Cyrano’s mobile app and desktop site. 

Sales and Account Development

Send personalized video throughout the sales and account development process. Track your video’s engagement with Cyrano’s in depth analytics.

Cyrano for the Mortgage Industry

Send videos with attachments to bring your customers on a personal journey through their home buying process. With Cyrano’s approval workflow, make sure every video is signed off on before being distributed.

Cyrano for Sports Fan Engagement

Cyrano can be used to create one engaging video to your entire fan base, or used as a tool to send personalized videos to VIP members. 

Cyrano for Political Campaigns

Broadcast your political journey with Cyrano for campaigns. Use our teleprompter to get the right message to the right audience. 

Recording Lineup

With Cyrano, you can create a lineup of videos to record at your convenience. When you’re ready, turn on Cyrano’s teleprompter and start “Power Recording!”

No Editing Required – Wapow!

Cyrano eliminates the need for fancy, high-costing equipment. With Cyrano, you can use your own mobile device to record high quality videos at the touch of a button.