What’s new?


  1. Web
    • We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new chrome plugin – choose from recording yourself, your screen, or both right from the comfort of your desktop.
    • Cyrano’s new Contact and List Manager makes sending video emails even easier with features like autocomplete, emails to lists, and specific contact history to see exactly who’s engaging with your content.
    • Other bug fixes and minor enhancements.

    iOS / Android

    • Introducing Cyrano Quick Message – the fastest way to send video email messages.
    • Other bug fixes and minor enhancements.


  1. Web
    • We’re testing out our new login page as we gear up for some major changes in Cyrano 2.0. Look out for even more exciting things in the upcoming months.
    • We’re upping our email marketing game with email layouts and custom handlebars (complete with all the variables you could want).
    • You’ll be able to add multiple bumpers to the beginning and end of your templates.
    • Along with all that snazzy stuff, we’re continuing to fine tune the app and hammer out those bugs in our analytics and web portal.

    iOS / Android

    • We’ve taken our api to the next level, so don’t even worry about those big uploads.
    • There’s no need to slow down anymore now that our power recording preview is landscape.
    • The camera can zoom in android now!
    • As per the usual, we’re fixing up some bugs too.



    • BB integration for CRM (e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce)
    • Evergreen Media
    • Scrolling lock issues on some browser versions
    • Preview pages player upgrades
    • Logo refresh
    • Bug fixes and minor improvements

    iOS / Android

    • App / App Store / Play Store logo refresh
    • Power recording optimizations
    • Android: Oreo background app crash issue fixed
    • Other bug fixes and minor improvements